Tapping into your greatest potential...

Regardless of your service or industry focus, becoming more comfortable, confident and skilled at developing and nurturing business relationships is within your reach. Your coach can help you develop your personal practice development plan based on your personal needs, desires and behavioral tendencies.  In addition to providing a cadence of accountability, your coach will provide simple, practical tools and behaviors necessary for success and desired business development results.

As outlined by the International Coach Federation (ICF), your TGP coach will provide support by:

  • Understanding the ethical guidelines and professional standards of the accounting profession;
  • Creating a safe, supportive environment;
  • Collaborating with coaches to create a customized practice development plan, broken into manageable components;
  • Helping define specific, measurable outcomes with target completion dates;
  • Listening empathically to issues and challenges; and
  • Helping coachees make and keep commitments.

 In this secured, confidential site, you will be able to:

  • Access my calendar to view, schedule or reschedule appointments
  • Record and check progress on your goals
  • Prepare for each coaching session
  • Evaluate your coaching experience
  • Access Resources (tools, forms, books, videos, etc.)

New Client:

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2. Click Forms to access and complete your Profile.

Returning Client:

1. Click Login at the top of this page to enter your username and password.

2. Click Dashboard to review or schedule appointments, prepare for your session, access forms, tools and resources or udpate your client log.


The Coaching Process

Reflect on what has transpired.

Focus on the topics and goals to be discussed.

Strategize actions and tactics to move toward desired results.

Commit to specific actions for follow-through.